Shaanxi Portland Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. is a collection of development, production and sales of technology companies.Our corporation is devoted to development, manufacture, installation & debugging, technical consultation, personal training and after-sale service of various electronic instruments and control & detection instrument for cement production process in building material industry.

We have abundant technology innovation and development capability, a professional technical development team with full configuration, various professional technical talents in industrial control, electric automatization, computer, cement process, machine manufacturing and other professions, tens of business management talents, including more than 20 high-level development and engineering technical personnel and more than 30 middle-class technicians. All our employees have the education background above junior college level.  
We possess perfect quality management system and service system. We have already established before-sales, middle-sales and after-sales comprehensive service system so that our products can display technical advantage and functional advantage on user site.  
Relying on technology innovation, we have launched more than ten kinds of cement quality control detection instruments in five categories, which are favorably commented by users consistently. Our products include cement paste mixer, cement mixer, cement mortar vibration table, full automatic specific surface tester, sulfur element tester (control gypsum mixing quantity), calcium ferrum element tester, multi-function heat quantity instrument, full stainless steel boiling box, one-day fast strength curing box, standard compression resistance jig, cement mortar flow degree shock table, intelligent automatic sampler, etc.  
Our business has expanded to large-scale industrial water pretreatment, ultrafilter, reverse osmosis project, control systems engineering and other fields such as cement, chemical engineering, environmental protection, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, etc. with users in various industries. We take the market as the guide to establish the sales network in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions where we can realize as much as 10 million Yuan annual value of production.  
We take the purpose to "serve users" all along so as to continuously  promote "dedicated to works, team and innovation" spirit, continuously carry forward "transformation innovation", "quality first" and "service intensive" logo, adhere to faithful sales principle, supply users with all-around high-quality service through first-class technology and first-class products. We take customer demands as our existing basis and development source all along.